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32 oz Spray Bottle with Disinfectant

  • 32oz industrial grade spray bottle
  • 30ml Chlorhexidine (Nolvasan)
  • Mix 1.5 teaspoon disinfectant to roughly 30 ounces of water
  • Makes up to 128 ounces of disinfectant solution
  • Solution contains 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate

Chlorhexidine (aka Nolvasan) is a very effective bacteriacide, virucide, and fungicide. 100% safe to use in reptile cages because it leaves no toxic residue or fumes. This is the same stuff veterinarians use to irrigate wounds and is even used as a mouthwash for animals and people.

Chlorhexidine Disinfectant Instructions

  1. Fill a 32oz Spray Bottle with water, leaving enough room to add the 1oz of Chlorhexidine.
  2. Slowly add the concentrate to the water allowing it to mix.
  3. Your disinfectant is now ready to use!

Once mixed with water your disinfectant will be very effective for 6 weeks but will slowly start to lose effectiveness after that 6-week period. You can prepare smaller amounts of disinfectant as needed.

  • About ½ bottle of concentrate to 16oz of water
  • About ¼ bottle of concentrate to 8oz of water

Chlorhexidine is a very safe disinfectant with a large margin of error for mixing the solution. The ratio for mixing does not have to be exact.

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