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Zoo Med Repti Hammock

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  • Lightweight nylon mesh
  • Suction cups included
  • Perch for lounging or basking
  • Optimal for arboreal climbers

Every lizard needs a lounge. Switch up your terrarium decor and give your reptile a lofty, secluded area to relax and take a load off. The Zoo Med Repti Hammock helps you create varying levels of height to give your pet access to different temperature zones. Need a warm up? Secure the Repti Hammock in a top corner close to a light source without having to worry about leaves or branches getting too hot. Sometimes foliage can also get in the way of you viewing your cute one, but the Repti Hammock is fuss free and will put your pet at the forefront! Easy to remove, reposition, and clean. Perfect for adventurous geckos, anoles, and even frogs!