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Zoo Med Moonlite Reptile Bulb

  • Mimics natural moonlight without disturbing day/night cycle
  • Providing night time heat can help stimulate feeding response and breeding behavior
  • Emits infrared heat

The Zoo Med Moonlite Reptile Bulb is designed to provide night time viewing while emitting additional heat. Suitable for arboreal and tropical enclosures with a range of heat requirements. Use lower watt options to provide 6-10 degrees (measured 4" beneath lamp). Higher watt bulbs can be used to provide warmer temperatures if needed, or used to offer 24 hour heat. This moonlight lamp bulb emits a low level of light similar to natural moonlight, and will not disturb your pet's day and night cycle. Zoo Med uses true blue colored glass, not stained or painted, helping to prolong the longevity, and emit consistent heat after months of use. This bulb does not emit UVB.