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Pangea Jack-o-Lantern Stencils

October 26, 2023 1 min read

Pangea Jack-o-Lantern Stencils

Want to share your love for geckos this Halloween?

We put together some Jack-o-lantern stencils based on various Pangea designs for you to use!

A lit-up jack-o-lantern with the Pangea gecko foot logo carved into it.
You can download them here!

Three of them are basic silhouette stencils that are simply traced and cut out, and two of them are more advanced designs that require a chisel to shave away parts of the pumpkin. We recommend having a small knife for the little details like the toes on the geckos

If you use one of the stencils, tag us in a post on Instagram or Facebook! We’d love to see how your Jack-o-lanterns turn out!