Zoo Med Terrarium Moss

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Zoo Med Terrarium Moss

  • Adds a natural forest floor look
  • Helps improve humidity
  • Perfect for humidity shelters for aiding in shedding and hydration
  • Excellent for use as an egg-laying and incubation medium

Zoo Med Terrarium Moss is a completely natural moss cage substrate for amphibians and wetland environment reptiles. Give your terrarium a more natural look with this attractive and clean sphagnum moss. Use it as a substrate for frogs, geckos, lizards, snakes, or any humidity loving reptile. Terrarium Moss is a great way to scape and design any tropical or forest habitat for just about any pet reptile or amphibian! 

Terrarium Moss is also excellent for use as an egg-laying and incubation medium for a variety of reptiles. Make sure to keep the moss well hydrated, as it can potentially dry out in the incubator. Can be rinsed and cleaned several times before needing to be replaced.

Available in many sizes to suit any size terrarium. Zoo Med Terrarium Moss is made in the USA. 100% Natural Sphagnum moss. Contains no dyes or chemicals.

Small: 5 gal
Medium: 10 gal
Large: 20 gal
Extra Large: 40 gal