Zoo Med Repti Fogger

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Zoo Med Repti Fogger

  • Compact humidifying fogger
  • Adjustable output
  • Increases tank humidity
  • No spill valve
  • Simulates natural environmental conditions
  • 1 liter bottle included

Throw your reptiles and amphibians a sweet dance party and maybe increase their humidity too with Zoo Med Repti Fogger! Featuring a no-spill valve and with all pieces included assembly is quick and won't require any extra tinkering. In mere minutes your creatures will be bathed in misty ambiance akin to cool, quiet forest mornings with a slight wetness in the air. Feel like a creator and a mad scientist as fog wafts across your terrarium and engulfs your critters in freshness. They deserve the best and so do you! Order with Zoo Med's Hygrotherm Humidity and Temperature Controller to monitor humidity and temperature levels just to make sure things aren't getting too out of control.