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THG Reptile Heat Tape



From the guys at THG comes the latest in heat tape technology. This reptile heat tape is ideal for all snake racks or reptile cages. THG Heat Tape for reptiles operates at various watts per foot depending on the size you purchase and requires the use of rheostat or thermostat. We can cut the heat tape to fit any length rack or tank set up.  

  • Made From Durable Plastic Film
  • Allows you to provide a thermal gradient with a warm area and a cooler area
  • Specifically designed for use with reptiles
  • Will last for years and years when used properly
  • 4 different sizes. 3", 4", 6" 12".  Tape should cover no more than 1/3 of tank or tub floor
  • Can be cut to any length

You will need to purchase a THG wire and clip set which we can install for you.  The connection charge is $0.99 per connection, but we will connect it for free if you buy $100.00 or more of heating tape.  You can connect it yourself if you have a hole punch and a crimper or you can go old school and solder the connections to the tape (please make sure you know what you are doing, we dont want you to burn your house down). Once connected heat tape can not be returned.