Pinkie Pump

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Pinky Pump

  • High quality stainless steel
  • 12mm glass tube & extra spare
  • Includes cutter 
  • Ball tip
  • Deluxe padded case 

Do you have a reptile that you can not seem to get to eat? Pangea offers a Pinky Pump so you can give your animal the nutrients it needs. Some animals take some time to feed properly and you can use a pump to keep it healthy while it figures it all out. This Pump comes with a padded case to keep the glass tubes protected. 

A Pinkie Pump is used for liquefying pinkies (or another food source) to force feed snakes and lizards up to 20ccs at once. This pinky pump is extremely durable and very easy to use! This pinkie pump is made from glass and stainless steel feeding tips.The tips allow you to easily insert this into your animal’s mouth and has a rounded tip to prevent cuts or injury.

Additionally you can add Pangea diet to help feed geckos who just refuse to eat. Pumps are typically used as a last resort. Feel free to email us with any questions if you have not used a pinky pump before.

Disclaimer: We recommend liquefying the pinky before adding it to the pump. Forcing a full intact pinky could shatter the glass, put your animal in danger and ruin your pump. The thing tips are meant to pump liquids, not solids.