MetroPlex Metronidazole Flagyl

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MetroPlex Metronidazole Flagyl

  • Bacteriocidal, trichomonacidal, and amoebicidal treatment for reptiles
  • Fights protozoan parasites
  • 5 grams per vial

MetroPlex Metronidazole, a safe and effective treatment for protozoan and anaerobic bacterial diseases. Metronidazole is well suited for medicated food mix for internal parasites. Metronidazole should be used only as long as necessary to eliminate the agent being targeted.

Protozoan parasites are very common in reptiles and consist of unicellular organisms, which for the most part can be observed only with a microscope. This group of parasites includes the better-known amoebae, coccidia, and cryptosporidia organisms and also the lesser-known flagellates, ciliates, and parasites of the bloodstream (e.g., Plasmodium sp. and Haemosporina).

Medication dosing instructions included. Doses should always be measured. Each vial contains 5 grams. 

Active ingredients: metronidazole (70%) Inactive ingredients: excipients (30%)

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