Fluker's Bend A Branch

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Fluker's Bend A Branch

  • Natural look of wooden vines/branches
  • Perfect for any terrarium
  • Bends to fit your pet's lifestyle
  • Provides hiding and resting place
  • Great for climbing animals

Fluker's Bend A Branch vines are able to be bent or twisted into any configuration you can imagine. Excellent for smaller geckos, chameleons, tree frogs, lizards and snakes. They add an element of jungly goodness to your reptile habitat and provide sturdy climbing areas that your pet will enjoy. Made by reptiles for reptiles. Just kidding but they are made by reptile people so it's kind of the same thing, right?

Bend-A-Branch is a solid and inexpensive product that we use and recommend. Each vine is 6 feet long. They come in 3 different diameters to fit your terrarium exactly how you want. If you are looking for smaller diameter climbing vines, look no further.

There are many upsides to using plastic plants vs real plants. You do not need to waste time disinfecting like you do with natural branches. They are easy to clean and place back in your setup. They are bendable to customize your setup the way you want, instead of trying to find the perfect branch.