Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 12"x12"x18"

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Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 12x12x18

  • Stylish and modern
  • Front Swinging Doors
  • Great for most reptiles
  • Good for bioactive vivarium habitats

We love the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium! The solid glass bottom allows you to set up a naturally planted terrarium or incorporate water features. This Exo Terra Reptile Terrarium is perfect for tropical species requiring moderate to high humidity.

The Exo Terra Glass Tank Terrarium was designed by the geekiest of reptile geeks over in Europe. One of the best things they came up with is the unique design of the front doors, which open easily and one at a time making care, cleaning and feeding easy. The doors latch shut keeping your reptile inside where it's supposed to be, and there is an available lock to keep the hoodlums and undesirables out. The screen top design is perfect. It pops out easily for when you need access from the top and it allows for very respectable penetration of UVB rays from your lights.

The biggest advantage is the front-swinging doors. The front doors allow you to easily & safely feed and care for the reptiles inside. There‚Äôs no need to remove any lighting elements, as you have to with top-opening tanks. Nor the need try and block your animals from escaping, as you have to with a single front opening door.

The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium comes with a screen top that works well for animals that need low humidity, infrared lighting, or UVB lighting. You can place your light fixtures directly on the screen top, and never have to worry about moving them because of the front opening doors. 

The foam background looks like rock and is helpful when landscaping your terrarium. Whether you choose to use live plants, artificial plants, flexible vines, or wood pieces, the background makes it easy to attach decorations. The holes combined with the inlets on the screen top allows plenty of space for any cords or tubing needed in your setup.

Great for housing:

  • Mid sized climbing lizards and tree frogs
  • Arboreal lizards
  • Arboreal and semi arboreal snakes.

What's included: 1 - 12x12x18" Exo Terra Terrarium, 1 Removable Foam Background, Screen Top
*Light fixture and other accessories not included.

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