Arcadia 6% UVB T5 HO

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Arcadia 6% UVB T5 HO

  • For Forest Species
  • 6% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3
  • 30% UVA
  • Produces excellent natural colors
  • 200%+ more visible light than other D3 T8 lamp (un-reflected)
  • 80% more UVB than other T8 lamp (un-reflected)

Arcadia 6% UVB offers a significant increase in both visible light and UV output compared with T8 lamps of similar length. The Benefits of T5 Technology in this 6% lamp is a Smaller diameter lamp – 5/8 of an inch (16mm) compared to 1” (26mm). Flicker free – all T5 lamps operate on efficient, high frequency ballasts. High output T5 lamps are especially useful for captive reptiles. The extra power that this 6% T5 lamp provides will help a keeper to generate a good UV gradient and provide safe basking quantities of UV over a much wider and deeper area.

The Arcadia bulb offers 6% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3, and 30% UVA . It Produces excellent natural colors with 200% more visible light than equivalent length D3+ T8 lamp. This 6% bulb also boast 80% more UVB than equivalent length T8 lamp.

This Arcadia reptile 6% UVB lamp is specially formulated to produce light in the UVB and UVA wavebands, as well as visible light and use a special glass formulation designed to allow through far more of the UVB and UVA. This means that we can offer lamps with spectral radiation patterns tailored to meet the requirements of specific reptile species.

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