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Zoo Med Drippers

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  • Simulates natural environmental conditions
  • Ideal for animals that prefer to hydrate alternatively
  • Lets out dew-like droplets onto foliage
  • Provides humidity throughout an enclosure
  • A great way to prevent water spillage or leakage
  • Includes ReptiSafe water conditioner

Many reptiles prefer to lick droplets from the surrounding leaves and environment rather than drink from a standing pool or other methods. Zoo Med Drippers provide an alternative water source and humidity that is a must for tropical terrariums and species like chameleons. Just fill with water and run the hose into your enclosure or sit firmly on top of the screen. Be sure to position hose over leaf clusters or other cage decor that will allow liquid to drip from one location to another. Your pet's own private rainfall cascading through the forest canopy will take worries from your mind and put your pet back in touch with their native roots. The dripper is adjustable and detachable lid makes cleaning easy. Drippers come with a handle for hanging and easy transport. Be sure to condition your water with Zoo Med ReptiSafe water conditioner first to remove any harmful impurities. Available in both one gallon "Big Dripper" and a 70 oz. "Little Dripper".