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Pangea Premium ABG Substrate

Pangea Premium ABG Substrate

  • A mixture of charcoal, sphagnum moss, orchid bark, tree fern fiber, and peat moss
  • Ideal for tropical terrariums and houseplants
  • Maintains moisture without trapping water for proper drainage
  • Creates an ideal environment for isopod and springtail colonies
  • Nutrient-dense organic compostable materials feed plants
  • 4-quart bag (231 cubic inches)

Based on the popular substrate formulated by the Atlanta Botanical Garden, our ABG mix is the ideal substrate media for tropical or forest-dwelling reptile terrariums. This soil mix retains moisture helping to boost ambient humidity without slowing drainage and drowning live plants. Microfauna, like isopods and springtails, thrives in our ABG mix due to the amount of organic compostable materials that create an abundance of food both for them as well as vital nutrients for optimal plant growth. Terrarium or even houseplants can be potted or planted directly in damp ABG mix without any additional soils or mixes. While other mixtures contain cheap false bottom rocks for drainage, our ABG uses the true recipe with tree fern fiber to ensure quality substrate. 

For optimal conditions, our ABG Substrate should be layered over a drainage layer to prevent soil from becoming excessively wet, causing mold, mildew, and fungi. The best way to set up your drainage layer is by using our Pangea Drainage Mesh over top of our Pangea Aquaballs

How much do you need?

First, calculate the area of the enclosure you are covering:

Length (inches) x Width (inches)=Area (inches)

Now divide the area you calculated by 231to get the amount of bags you would need per inch of depth. 

Area/231 = ~Bags per inch of depth.