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Herpstat Humidity Probe Version 2

  • 12 feet long!
  • Compatible with HerpstatsSpyderWeb series

This optional humidity probe is made specifically for the Herpstat SpyderWeb. The cable is used with the compatible Herpstats to measure the humidity in your tank. The cable is 12 feet long.

Do you need an extra Herpstat Humidity Probe? Did your probe break and do you need a replacement? Pangea offers these replacement probes with fast shipping so you have the least amount of downtime. We understand things happen and that's why we offer replacement parts for many products we sell.

This humidity probe is compatible with the SpyderWeb series units and standard models that have firmware version 5.0 or greater.

All Herpstat 1 SpyderWeb
All Herpstat 2 SpyderWeb
Herpstat 1 (firmware 5.0 or greater)
Herpstat 2 (firmware 5.0 or greater)
Herpstat 4 (firmware 5.0 or greater)
Herpstat 6 (firmware 5.0 or greater)

Note: To check the firmware version on the unit, unplug it for ten seconds and plug it back in. The unit will display the firmware version on startup.

If you need to upgrade the firmware for your unit, please see the manufacturer's instructions here Herpstat Firmware Upgrade - $2.00 US : Spyder Robotics LLC.