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Pangea Temp-Safe Phase Pack

  • Stabilizes temperatures during shipment
  • Reusable
  • Biodegradable contents
  • Safe to use multiple
  • Safe with heat or cold packs

Pangea Temp-Safe Phase Packs are an eco-friendly choice for stabilizing temperatures in your animal shipment. Each Phase Pack is infinitely reusable, reducing costs and waste. The contents are 100% biodegradable and capable of breaking down into organic waste, so you can feel safe if there is a leak or if you need to dispose of the pouch.

These Phase Packs are an excellent alternative to heat packs for delicate reptiles and amphibians such as crested geckos, preventing extreme temperature fluctuations during shipping. Pangea Temp-Safe Phase Packs do not generate additional heat, making it safe to use in multiple Phase Packs at a time. Temp-Safe Phase Packs may be deployed alongside thermal or chill packs to expand the duration of temperature control. 

Directions for Use:

Cooling Supplement: Chill the Temp-Safe Phase Pack in a refrigerator prior to use to reach the desired temperature. For optimum results, the temperature should remain below the phase transition point of 74°F.

Heating Supplement: Submerge the Temp-Safe Phase Pack in a warm water bath prior to use, warming to the required temperature. For optimal performance, the temperature should exceed the phase transition temperature of 74°F.


Not Available For International Shipments