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Pangea Natural Jungle Wood

  • Natural Wood
  • Great for Arboreal Snakes and Lizards
  • Excellent for Mounting Epiphytes 
  • Multiple lengths available

The Pangea Natural Jungle Wood or Jungle Vine is a great hardwood product that will give your terrarium a naturalistic flair! This wood is great for many geckos, lizards, and other reptiles and animals to crawl on and use to aid in shedding. Naturalistic wood also has the benefit of increasing ambient humidity. Additionally, the pockets in this wood create great places for epiphytic live plants.

As with all wood, if too moist, it can mold and rot. This wood can be cut, glued, nailed, or screwed together to achieve your desired look (please be sure to make the wood safe for your animals by removing any sharp areas).

The Pangea Jungle Wood comes in four sizes to fit your terrarium needs:

Small: 12” (Approximately) 
Medium: 18” (Approximately) 
Large: 24” (Approximately) 
Extra Large: 36” (Approximately) 

All branches are  2”-4” wide and 1”-2” thick.

Notice: Photos are just representatives of Pangea Natural Jungle Wood. Actual size, shape, and color may vary.  

We recommend disinfecting your Pangea Natural Jungle Wood, like all wood products, before adding them to your terrarium.