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Cork Bark by the Pound - Mixed Flats and Small Rounds

  • Excellent for all terrarium conditions and freshwater aquatic habitats
  • Easily modified to build custom structures and backgrounds
  • Naturally inhibits mold and fungal growth

Virgin cork bark is a long-lasting wood furnishing for any type of terrarium! Cork resists rotting and will last for years. It is the perfect type of wood for dart frogs, crested geckos, snakes, bearded dragons, and more. It is easy to wash and reuse making it a very versatile decoration for your reptile's terrarium. Many people attach moss, orchids, bromeliads, and many other types of plants to it.

For those that do reptile or orchid shows having cork bark for sale at your table is a great way to rake in some extra bucks. At these prices, there is plenty of room to make money and no more guessing what you are going to get we ship exactly what you request and you can be as specific as you want.

Our bulk cork bark is now available to the public at wholesale prices and we ship it for $6.99 no matter how much you get. Now that's cheap! 

* Although the cork we have is baked before it gets to us to ensure it is sanitized, we still highly recommend baking the pieces you receive before using them.

Notes on ordering:

Flats: 3-17"- A variety of flat or slightly rounded pieces (Not tubes). These can be used for a variety of decoration options, like backgrounds, accents, and hides.

Small Rounds: 1-5" in diameter

Diameter: We use an outside diameter for this measurement.

Percentage: When ordering a mixture of flats and rounds percentages will be based on weight not the number of pieces. For example, if you order 10-lbs you will receive 5 lbs of each, 50% flats, and 50% Small rounds by weight.

Special Requests: We'll do our best to fulfill requests such as knots, holes, and Y-shaped pieces based on their availability. If there are particular sizes, shapes,  or lengths you want we need you to leave a detailed description of what you need in the order notes!

Variability: Cork is a natural product with a lot of variation so while we will try to get the exact pieces you specify please keep in mind that pieces can vary in shape and size from one end to another.