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Cork Bark Accents

  • Decorative
  • Resilient to harsh environments
  • Long lasting
  • Great filler for vivarium building

* Although the cork we have is baked before it gets to us to ensure it is sanitized, we still highly recommend baking the pieces you receive before using them.

Looking for something to spice up your reptile terrarium? These little 1"-3" nuggets of goodness are what you need. Each bag is unique and special just like you. Unleash your inner decorative spirit with these cork accents that won't get all gross and moldy and won't ever rot away. Cork is naturally resilient to the wettest of environments but looks great even in desert vivariums. You can't go wrong. These bits of cork can be glued or foamed into backgrounds for your next bioactive vivarium build or placed in and around water features and soil substrates. Don't want to get that fancy? Just throw them in the tank anywhere and they will look nice.