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Assorted Pangea Cork Bark Rounds

  • Long-lasting and mold resistant
  • Suitable for all types of habitats - including desert, tropical, and aquatic!
  • Creates natural hiding and climbing structures
  • Easy to cut, trim, or modify
  • Perfect for stunning structures & backgrounds

* Although the cork we have is baked before it gets to us to ensure it is sanitized, we still highly recommend baking the pieces you receive before using them.

These virgin cork bark rounds look great in any reptile habitat. Often used for building climbing structures or for creating a natural terrarium background. Some pieces do have a slight curve to them having once been a part of a round tree. Cork tree bark does not rot even in very humid environments so don't hesitate to use it anywhere.  Cork bark will float in an aquatic environment and many people use it as a natural turtle basking platform.

Our virgin cork bark is sustainably sourced and shipped directly to us free of pests from Portugal.

Installation: Lightly clean of any loose debris. Place cork rounds in your pet's enclosure so they are firmly in place or mounted to ensure they do not fall or tip over. If using in an aquatic habitat pre-soak the cork pieces for 2-4 weeks to leach out any harmless tannins to help keep the water in your aquarium crystal clear.