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Reptile Systems 15% UVB - Zone 4 - T5 Bulb

  • Ferguson Zone 4
  • 7.4 UVI for the synthesis of vitamin D3.
  • Improves feeding and breeding behavior.
  • Full spectrum lamp.
  • Produces excellent natural colors and iridescence.
  • Always provide shade areas for animals.

The 15% UVB Reptile Systems T5 Bulb is excellent for Ferguson Zone4 rated animals from Bearded Dragons to Chuckwallas. With a 7.4 UVI output, the 15% UVB Reptile Systems T5 Bulb is essential for vitamin D3 synthesis for animals in Ferguson Zone 4. This bulb provides excellent natural color rendering capabilities, creating an optimal environment for your reptile while offering a pleasing aesthetic. Ensure adequate basking perches are spaced out appropriately and always provide a shaded spot when setting up the 15% UVB Reptile Systems T5 Bulb.

Determine the necessary Ferguson Zone for your reptile by consulting the Reptile Systems Ferguson Zone Page.