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Advanced Chameleon Kit by Neptune the Chameleon

This Advanced Chameleon Kit by Neptune the Chameleon has everything you need for a veiled, panther, or Jackson’s chameleon ages 3 months and older. Unlike the Basic Chameleon Kit, the Advanced comes with a MistKing automatic misting system, UVB and heat fixtures with bulbs, and an LED plant grow light in addition to the 24x24x48” enclosure, supplements, thermometer, hygrometer, and more.

  • Extra Large Zoo Med Reptibreeze
  • 24" Pangea T5 HO Fixture
  • Zoo Med 22" T5 HO 5.0
  • 50W Pangea Halogen Heat Bulb
  • Zoo Med Deep Dome
  • Vivarium Electronics 24" LED light
  • Zoo Med Terrarium Controller
  • MistKing Starter
  • Zoo Med Repti Fogger
  • Pangea Temp & Humidity Gauge
  • 12" Pangea Tweezers
  • PangeaCal without D3
  • Reptivite w/D3 2 oz

You can find Neptune at @neptunethechameleon on InstagramTikTokYouTube, and Facebook.

Find out more about this kit, how to set it up, and care for your chameleon with our blog article Chameleon Kits by Neptune the Chameleon 

Tips from Neptune the Chameleon:

  1. Make sure your enclosure is raised off the ground on a table or something similar to help your chameleon feel safe and secure by being up high.
  2. Remember that any empty space is unused space for a chameleon so be sure to give them lots of places to climb and hide.
  3. Try to place your chameleon enclosure in a room that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic. Pets, kids, etc. can be very scary for your chameleon to see all the time. Chameleons don’t have external ears, so you won’t have to worry much about the noise around a chameleon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I attach plants and branches in the enclosure?

A: Fine wire or fishing line can be used to anchor the bigger branches to the corners of the enclosure and then you can use those anchors to attach the rest of the branches. Please watch the tutorial video for more info.

Q: How do I deal with all the extra water from misting?

A: Providing lots of potted live plants in the enclosure and at the bottom can help catch any excess water. In addition, you could create a drainage system by drilling small holes in the center of the bottom of the enclosure for the water to run down and provide a bucket underneath to catch the excess water.

Q: Do I need a dripper or fogger as well?

A: Drippers can be used to provide additional hydration for a chameleon but are not required. Foggers are used at night time to help increase the overall humidity levels for a chameleon. Whether or not you need one will depend on your species' needs and the environment that you live in. If you live somewhere humid and have a chameleon that has lower humidity requirements, you may not need a fogger. But if you live somewhere dry and have a species with higher humidity requirements, then you may need to use one.

Q: How often do I keep my lights on?

A: The current recommendation is to have your lights on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. Something like 8 am-8 pm would be a great light cycle. All lights should be off at night.

Q: How often do I use each supplement?

A: How often you use each supplement will depend on your species. Veiled and Panther chameleons get the calcium without Vitamin D3 with every feeding and the multivitamin two times a month. Jackson’s chameleons need calcium without D3 every feeding and the multivitamin once a month.

Q: What is not included in the kit that I should get separately?

A: You may want to get additional plants and branches to help fill in any empty spaces. The Neptune the Chameleon YouTube channel has lots of videos on plant recommendations. Be sure to also have some materials to attach the plants and branches such as floral wire, zip ties, etc. Try to avoid using things like hot glue. You may also want to get a table to raise up the enclosure to help your chameleon feel safe. If you get the Advanced kit that comes with the MistKing you’ll also need a bucket to hold the water and set up the MistKing. You’ll also want to make sure you have some gut load for your chameleon’s bugs. Fresh fruits and veggies are typically recommended for a gut load. There are some other dry gut loads you can use but avoid using any sort of gels or hydration cubes. Bugs are not included in this kit. A feeding cup would be recommended as the safest way to feed your chameleon and keep track of how much they are eating. Plants and branches will also need to be provided for your chameleon, luckily we have a blog for this kit and a video so you can learn exactly what and how you should implement branches and plants into your enclosure.  

Q: Can I customize my kit?

A: This kit is designed as a complete kit with specific items chosen for this species. So we are unable to make substitutions for other items.

Q: Does this kit come with branches or plants?

A: We want you to be able to design the inside of the cage as you like so you can choose the branches and plants for your chameleon enclosure that best suits the aesthetic you like.

Q: Is this kit available internationally?

A: Unfortunately, this set of products is not available for international orders.