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Redline Science Connection Set (No Wire)

Connect It For Me
  • Allows you to run all of your individual pieces of heat tape off one plug
  • Set includes two eyelets, rivets, and insulators (enough to connect one end of tape)
  • Can be connected for you

Looking for a way to connect multiple pieces of heat tape to only one plug? This is it. Easily snake (you see what I did there?) your heat tape through your entire rack.

Some notes on ordering:

This set doesn't include the wire. We can connect them to the heat tape for you, but you will have to provide your own wire (lamp cord works great), crimp it to the eyelets, and apply the insulators.

When you order, be sure to count very carefully how many you'll need. The set only includes enough pieces for one end of heat tape. For example, if you have three pieces of heat tape you would like to run together you would need to order 1 Redline Science wire set. and 4 of the connection sets.