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Large Acrylic Enclosure

The newest collection of enclosures from Vivarium Electronics for arachnids and invertebrates.

  • This enclosure can be set up in a vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Four adhesive feet are included.
  • Great for arboreal or terrestrial species.
  • The sliding door is secured with magnets.
  • Magnets are rust-resistant.
  • All sides are made from ultra-clear acrylic for easy pet viewing.
  • The back (or bottom) panel is white for a clean aesthetic.
  • Side ventilated with 3mm holes for cross ventilation without obstructing view.

Dimensions: 8"x 8"x 14"

In setups with very high humidity or with saturated substrate, you may see some inward bowing of the door. This can be resolved by letting the enclosure dry out some and avoiding saturated substrates. Light misting is generally not an issue.
Once the door panel is allowed to dry out (generally within a few hours) it will be back to normal.