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Giant Blue Beauty Anole Pair - AEPP2

  • Giant Blue Beauty Anole
  • Anolis equestris potior
  • Pair 'AEPP2' 
  • Tropical
  • Arboreal
  • Omnivorous - Mostly insects
  • Display animal
  • Requires UVB, heat, & regular misting
  • Easy-to-moderate care requirements.

These striking anoles truly live up to their name. They are amongst the largest anole species and by far the bluest! These gorgeous lizards have easy-to-moderate care requirements for most keepers. For more information check out our Giant Blue Beauty Anole Care Guide here.

This juvenile pair can be housed together and will be ready to breed near the end of 2023. Females can be distinguished from males by having a simple banded pattern whereas the males have more bands and breaks giving a spotted look.

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