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MistKing Seconds Timer

  • LCD control panel with lighting
  • 10 slots for different settings
  • Allows start/stop times for individual settings
  • Options for choosing daily or weekly cycles
  • Manual override for misting without timer disruption
  • Rechargeable battery included that retains settings in case of a power outage
  • Low voltage
  • Designed in conjunction with MistKing misting systems

MistKing Seconds Timer gives you back your freedom while ensuring your pet's needs are strictly met. This timer features ten different "slots" that you can program to meet your needs. Need to mist twice on Mondays but also once every day of the week? No problem. Simply program each desired result into a different slot and let MistKing Timer do the rest. Your herps will love the consistency and you won't ever disappoint their expectations. Take that vacation you've been dreaming of. Nothing can disrupt this digital seconds timer because, in the chance that power fails, MistKing comes with a rechargeable battery that will carry on your plans without consequence. An intelligent and efficient choice for pet owners that require a little extra attention.

Example settings:

P0: Mist 30 sec at 9:00 am every day

P1: Mist 3 min at 5:00 pm every day

P2: Mist 5 min at 8:00 pm every Thursday