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Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder

The Zoo Med Hanging Mealworm Feeder is about to add some fun and excitement to your worm loving lizards life. This nifty contraption from Zoo Med products suctions to the inside of your terrarium. Just fill it with mealworms and then sit back and enjoy the show. The mealworms will slowly move around in the feeder and find their way through the small holes, falling to the ground for your reptile to enjoy. This not only provides a unique method of offering food to your reptiles, it actually provides physical activity and mental stimulation which is an often overlooked aspect of keeping captive reptiles. As far as mealworm feeders and dishes go, this one is among our favorites. It's simple and inexpensive and provides hours of entertainment for you and the lucky critter who gets to chomp down on some delicious bugs that magically fall from the sky.