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Exo Terra Cricket Pen

  • Enclosure for housing live crickets
  • Removable black plastic tubes provide an accessible hiding spot
  • Plastic flaps that cover the absence of tubes to prevent escape
  • Disconnecting lid
  • Comes with food and drinking dishes

The superior way to keep and care for live crickets, Exo Terra Cricket Pen is a plastic enclosure featuring two slots on either side for sliding cricket coverage tubes in and out. Crickets are nocturnal and desire to hide in small, dark spaces. The sliding tubes allow for crickets to feel secure while providing you with an effective way to get them out. All you have to do is remove the tube and slide the convenient plastic flap into place to prevent spillage. You now have the tube free to tap and loosen congregated crickets into the desired area. No more chasing escapees around the house! This product is thoroughly thought out for your convenience and their comfort. The ventilated lid disconnects from the rest of the cage but does not disrupt the placement of the tubes. Feeding and drinking dish included! Remove one tube at a time for best results.

Capacity is based on pen and cricket size. Small pens can house up to 100 2-4 cm crickets, 50 5-6 cm, and 20 7-8 cm adults. Large size enclosures hold up to 250 2-4 cm crickets, 100 5-6 cm, and 50 7-8 cm adults.