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Corn Snakes in Captivity

  • Written by Don Soderberg
  • Full-color photographs
  • 115 pp. Softcover

Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles provides readers with an inspiring book for the keepers of these fascinating pet snakes. Corn Snakes have been Don's passion for over twenty-five years. He is known worldwide as a Corn Snake specialist who is detail-oriented and passionate about these wonderful snakes.Corn Snakes are the ultimate success story in the captive-bred reptile industry. They have been bred in ever-increasing numbers since the late 1960s and are available to hobbyists in a myriad of colors and patterns. Every year, new and exciting morphs are produced and the possibilities appear to be endless. Corn Snakes not only provide keepers with exciting genetics projects, but they are the most gentle and easy to handle of all pet snakes.


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