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Zoo Med Repti Shelter

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  • Fillable cave for various substrates
  • Provides a place to hide and reduce stress
  • Detachable top for easy clean and access
  • Durable resin structure
  • Captures humidity in an enclosed area
  • Natural looking and compact

The Zoo Med Repti Shelter is the ultimate product of versatility and function. The multi-faceted cave can be filled with different substrates to a create an isolated spot of increased humidity in the terrarium that will assist in your pet's stubborn sheds without drastically changing the entire habitat's climate. In addition to a customizable environment, the shelter acts as a hide for your reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate to retreat to when feeling threatened or stressed. Need to find them? No more lifting up heavy rocks and getting pinched fingers! Zoo Med Repti Shelter makes locating your pet hassle free with a detachable top for quickly viewing your scaly, hairy, or slimy footed friend. Let them get comfortable however and you may find yourself an expecting parent! The Repti Shelter is great for egg laying and easily allows you to remove eggs for incubation. Durable and easy to clean. Comes in sizes small through large.

Item Number: RC-30
Size: Small (3" x 5" x 4")
Item Number: RC-31
Size: Medium (4" x 7" x 7″)
Item Number: RC-32
Size: Large (6" x 12" x 11″)