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Reptile Systems Ceramic Heat Emitter


• Emits infrared heat to raise ambient air temperatures 
• Provides 24-hour heat
• Does not emit visible light, UVA, or UVB
• Best paired with pulse proportionate thermostats
• For use in a suitable Ceramic Lamp Holder only

The Reptile Systems Ceramic Heat Emitter is perfect for developing the ideal warm environment in terraria, vivaria, paludaria, tanks, and other cages. Each lamp bulb offers 10,000+ hours of constant heat for 24 hours a day, ideal for lizards, turtles, frogs, snakes, and more.

Reptile Systems Ceramic Heat Emitter outputs to infrared heat which efficiently warms the air around it. Maintaining a steady temperature in the habitat is instrumental in encouraging maximum wellness, digestion, and movement. This Reptile Systems ceramic heat lamp does not emit any visible light, UVA, or UVB radiation, allowing for observation of the animals during the night without disrupting their 24-hour cycle.

When working with the Reptile Systems Ceramic Heat Emitter, always pair it with an appropriate ceramic holder, like the Reptile Systems Black Clamp Lamp.