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Pangea Hanging Bush - Fittonia

  • 1 removable suction cup fitted to the stem
  • Leaves will not fall off!
  • 5 separate vines with large, vibrant leaves
  • Available in 18" or 24" sizes

Every aspect has been given careful thought on how to make this the best artificial plant on the market. The stem comes fitted with a highly rated suction cup to mount anywhere on glass but can also be used without the suction cup to wedge in cork or various other crevices in your terrarium. The leaves and vines have been carefully sized and placed for maximum density and fullness. The leaves are directly attached to the stems so they will not fall off with daily use or washing and have been made out of an easy-to-clean but realistic-looking material.

It comes with a free removable suction cup. The suction cup slides on and off easily.

Maybe Fittonia isn't the right look for you? Check out our other Caladium Hanging Bush or our Japanese Laurel Hanging bush for a different aesthetic. 

Do you need an extra suction cup? Sometimes you have a larger pet and they keep knocking down your plants. Or maybe your suction cup got damaged and you have no other way to hang your bush. We offer replacement suction cups here!