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Pangea Terrarium Tag

  • Can be used with dry-erase markers
  • Includes name, birth date, and hatch date.
  • Clear background to allow optimal pet viewing
  • Sticks to glass or plastic enclosures
  • Helps easily distinguish pet gender
  • Great visual aid for larger breeding operations
  • Comes in individual or pack sizes

You asked and they are here! We have a lot of different geckos here and organization is a must! Now you can label each one of your animal's homes with their name, birthday, and sex! Peel off the white backing to reveal a clear name tag and label for your terrarium, vivarium,  PVC cage, or more. We offer individual tags as well as pack sizes! Great for breeders who need to quickly and easily identify each pet or who's in each breeding group. Perfect for kids naming a family pet too! Oh, and you can dry erase because name changes happen!

Each sticker comes in a different color if you need to differentiate between sexes:

Green = Unsexed/Juvenile

Blue = Male

Pink= Female

Stickers measure 1.5"" x 4"

Got a fish tank? Spruce it up! You aren't limited to reptiles with these versatile name and birthday tags