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Pangea Terrarium Clings


Trying to hide your ugly drainage layer or just trying to elevate your terrarium aesthetics?

Pangea Terrarium Clings are perfect for you. These static clings will adhere to your glass terrarium or vivarium and disguise the unsightly view into the grungy bottom of your tank. The static cling vinyl effortlessly sticks to your glass terrarium without the residue or challenges that come with applying typical adhesives to the glass. As easy as these clings are to stick on is as easy as they are to remove. To check your drainage layer you can simply peel back the cling to check your drainage layer and easily press it back into place. You can also remove it completely and place it on another glass terrarium without any clean-up or fuss.

Product Features:

  • Hides Ugly Drainage Layer
  • Elevates Terrarium Aesthetics
  • No Messy Adhesive
  • Reusable
  • Two Premium Designs

Pangea Terrarium Clings come in two awesome colorways. We offer a more naturalistic look using green leaves on black to coordinate with bioactive terrariums and natural-looking setups. If you're looking for a more refined, classic look, our carbon fiber printed cling will elevate your reptile or amphibian habitat with a more subtle yet premium look.

We are offering these clings in two sizes as well. Each cling is cut to fit inside the lower front glass face of Exo-Terra Terrariums (other enclosures may require trimming).

The "Mini" is designed to fit the Exo-Terra "Mini Tall" 12x12x18 terrarium while the "Small" is designed to fit the Exo-Terra "Small Tall" 18x18x24 terrarium.