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Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 12"x12"x12"

Why We Like It: All glass bottom allows you to set up a naturally planted bioactive terrarium. The Exo Terra terrarium 12x12x12 is perfect for tropical species requiring moderate to high humidity.

They didn't mess around when they conceived this design. It has independent opening french style doors which make it easy to get inside and move things around or clean. It comes with a solidly built, removable screen top on which to place lighting or heating fixtures. The glass is easily cleaned and makes for easy and picturesque viewing of your reptile or amphibian.

Great tank for:

  • Smaller gecko species
  • Most types of juvenile lizards
  • Young snakes
  • Invertebrates such as mantids, scorpions, and tarantulas
  • Small amphibians
  • Juvenile dart frogs

What's included:

  • 1 removable foam background
  • Screen top
  • 1 12x12x12" Exo Terra Terrarium

Light fixture and other accessories not included.

Not Available For International Shipments