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Zoo Med Eco Earth Brick

Single or 3 pack
  • Increases humidity and moisture
  • Green product made from coconut husks
  • Absorbs and breaks down odor and waste
  • Can be recycled into gardens or potted plants
  • Mixing agent for other substrates

Eco Brick is an environmentally friendly substrate that holds moisture and helps break down unwanted smells and detritus. To use place brick in a shallow tub of water and let expand. Break apart with hands and arrange on terrarium floor to mimic a rich, hydrated jungle floor. Mix with other substrates like HydroBalls to create a drainage system or with sand and dirt to create tightly packed and clumped soil for pets who tend to burrow. Commonly used for frogs, snakes, lizards, turtles, and spiders. Can be reused for potting plants or mixed into garden dirt that is dry and lacking nutrients.