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Vivarium Electronics T5 HO Fixture

  • Light fixture with reflector
  • Mounting hardware included for easy assembly
  • Built in power switch located on the cord for convenience
  • Long-lasting lightweight aluminum structure
  • 1 standard T5 bulb included (does not provide UVB) 6400k
  • Comes with jumper cable to daisy chain up to 8 fixtures!

The Vivarium Electronics T5 HO fixture is a top fluorescent option with a design that increases reflectivity and diffusion. A great light source for growing plants indoors or illuminating an aquarium, and when used with a T5 UVB bulb is the perfect way to provide your reptile the UVB it needs. Easily mounted or placed atop an enclosure. This product features a sleek design with optimal power. Please note bulb included with this fixture does not emit UVB rays. An AC power cord is included.

Available in lengths of 24", 36", and 48".

Not Available For International Shipments