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Reptile Systems Compact Lamp

•Multiple mounting options
• Universal ceramic E26 fitting.
• Directional light with adjustable angles.
• Removable safety mesh.
• High-performance aluminum reflector.
• Sturdy aluminum housing.
• Bulb not included.


This Reptile Systems Compact Lamp is perfect for vivariums of many kinds. It has a universal ceramic E26 fitting, easily adjusted multi-angle directional lighting, and can be mounted inside or on top of most terrariums making it a versatile choice for your collection.  The durable cable features a switch and the fixture also includes a removable safety mesh, and a high-performance aluminum reflector affixed to the sturdy aluminum housing. This fixture does not come with a bulb so you can choose the best bulb for your reptile. You can find compact fluorescent UVB bulbs like the Reptile Systems Compact Pro 6% UVB - Zone 2 in our UVB collection. Find out what bulb best fits your animal's needs by learning about Ferguson Zones.