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Rep-Cal Cricket Shaker

This handy dandy tool was developed by the innovative folks over at Rep Cal Research Laboratories to help make the whole process of feeding insects to our reptiles easier and more efficient. The Rep Cal Cricket Shaker will save you time and money and will seriously cut down on the messy factor. If you don't like touching bugs then you'll love this. The included tube makes it possible to feed your pets without ever having to ever touch a cricket. This cricket feeder is simple and easy to use and conserves the amount of calcium and vitamin powders used by catching the excess in the separate screened off bottom chamber while coating the insects with powder fast and effortlessly. I can't believe we didn't think of this invention, oh well at least Rep-Cal is there to save the day.

Here's how it works. Simply place the calcium and vitamin supplement into the cup, the powders will fall through the grate on the bottom of the shaker. Then place the insects into the Cricket Shaker with the top on and shake until all of the insects are coated. Put the pipe in through the hole at the top of the unit and the insects will naturally crawl into the tube. Now all you have to do is remove the pipe and shake out the crickets or insects directly into your hungry critter's habitat. Any unused powder falls back down into the reservoir and awaits the next shake and feed session. Super convenient and super easy.