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Zoo Med ReptiVite Multivitamin

  • Calcium-based supplement
  • D3 or no D3 option available
  • Contains a complete amino acid profile
  • Encourages healthy bone growth and helps prevent liver disease
  • Aids in protein digestion and stress relief

With no artificial ingredients and high quality vitamins, this nutrient rich formula is just a light dusting away from taking the stress off your herp’s body and from your mind. Order Zoo Med Reptivite reptile vitamins now to use the supplement developed specifically for the San Diego Zoo and favored by breeders.

If your reptile or amphibian's D3 needs are already being met through UVB or another product, elect ReptiVite without D3 above to get the same benefits of ReptiVite but with no D3 added.


Additional Information:

  • Use 2-3 times weekly with your captive reptile or amphibian’s regular diet.
  • Use ReptiVite with veggies, fruits, pellets or paste: Pinch and sprinkle lightly onto food.
  • Dust ReptiVite on insects: Sprinkle lightly over desired meal amount in a separate container or directly onto the insect.