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Chameleons in Captivity

  • Written by Connie Dorval
  • 71 full-color photographs.
  • 70 pp. Softcover

 Chameleons are the exotic dragons of herpetoculture. They fascinate us with their methodical behaviors and unusual physical attributes. Beyond their unusual physicality and curious nature, a chameleon in captivity has specific husbandry needs that require diligence and understanding for long-term success and a natural lifespan. Their needs aren’t difficult, but they are very necessary. Chameleons will not thrive long with improper husbandry. Of course, knowledge is the key. With every keeper out there, a new variation on a theory is available. Many theories work, and some don’t. This book is full of information that has worked very successfully in terms of keeping and breeding chameleons in captivity for many years.

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