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Introducing the Pangea MicroDish System

November 17, 2023 2 min read

Introducing the Pangea MicroDish System

Created in partnership with LucaTech3D, the Pangea MicroDishes were built to give keepers of arboreal geckos such as Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Day Geckos, and Mourning Geckos a sleek, professional option for feeding their reptiles. 

The Pangea MicroDishes come in five varieties:

  1. A large dish with a branch-mount system 
  2. A small dish with a branch-mount system
  3. A small dish with a surface-mount system
  4. An extra-small double dish with a branch-mount system
  5. An extra-small double dish with a surface-mount system

The large dish is ideal for geckos in the size range of adult crested geckos. It uses a magnetic socket that zip-ties onto any sturdy branch or vine in your enclosure that the dish can be easily attached to. While the magnet mount isn't strong enough to hold a leachianus, it's plenty strong to support an adventurous crested gecko that decides to play in its food instead of eating it.

A lilly white crested gecko eating pangea diet out of a large pangea microdish

The small and extra-small dishes are great for baby crested geckos or microgeckos such as mourning geckos. These ones share the same magnetic mounting system and have two options for how you'd like to mount them. The first is a branch-mounting system that zipties to a branch in the enclosure, just like the large dish. The second is a surface-mount system that uses an adhesive pad to adhere the magnet mount to the enclosure wall. 

A juvenile crested gecko perched on a brown vine next to a small Pangea MicroDish with Pangea Crested Gecko Diet in it.

We're excited about the branch-mount options, as they allow you to move your feeding dish off the wall of the enclosure and give you more options in building your ideal enclosure.

All dishes are made from a durable, food-safe plastic that is very easy to clean. They also feature the convenience of being mountable to metal surfaces (such as a baker's rack) or the included adhesive mounting dots. This allows for convenient storage, and quick filling.

A small Pangea MicroDish magnetically mounted on a blue metal holding dot next to a second holding dot in front of a bioactive enclosure being filled with Pangea Crested Gecko Diet from a squeeze bottle..

The Pangea MicroDishes are available today in all varieties! Order yours at pangeareptile.com