Zoo Med Terra Effects Nano LED Model 2

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Zoo Med Terra Effects Nano LED Model 2

  • Dynamic Light and Sound Effects
  • 8 Unique Audio Tracks
  • Programmable 24hr Timer
  • 5 Adjustable Color Channels
  • Fully Customizable Spectrum
  • Wireless Remote

Zoo Med Terra Effects Nano LED can create an ambience for your reptile that will make it feel like it is in its natural habitat. The light is completely customizable with a 24 hour sunrise/sunset timer, day/night spectrums, 5 color channels (including UVA), unique color transitions for sunrise/sunsets, and 4 memory bank buttons. There are 8 unique sound tracks with adjustable volume and synchronization, so you can create the perfect atmosphere. This light is the ultimate ambient LED experience.

The High output LEDs encourage live plant growth. This makes for a great light for a live vivarium/aquarium setup. One of the programmed features is made specifically for fish for all you aquatic lovers. 

Two mounting methods are available. You can use the Aluminum Hangar to place the light directly on top of your terrarium setup. Or you can use a Suspension Cable to hang the light from your ceiling. 

Features: 41 LEDs, 335 Lumens, 8 watts.