Zoo Med Terrarium Timer

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Zoo Med ReptiCare Terrarium Timer

  • 24 hour programmable lighting timer.
  • Provides a natural day/night cycle for your reptile.
  • Includes LED "Lamp On" indicator & manual override switch.
  • Grounded 3 prong receptacle for safety.

This Zoo Med ReptiCare programmable timer automatically turns your lights on & off so you don't have to! This 24 hour timer is a 3 prong grounded wall plug, for added safety. Works on all types of Reptile Lamps!

This Terrarium timer allows you to set a natural day and night cycle for 24 hours for your animal. Additionally there is a manual override switch for a "Lamp On" for when you need to turn on the light at night to see. There is a light indicator for when the manual "lamp on" override is on.

Zoo Med ReptiCare programming instructions found here. If you need more outlets on a 24 hour cycle, try the Zoo Med Terrarium Controller. The Terrarium Controller comes with 8 grounded outlets for multiple lights.