Zoo Med Repticare Terrarium Controller

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Zoo Med Repticare Terrarium Controller

  • 24 hour programmable lighting timer.
  • Provides a natural day/night cycle for your reptile.
  • Includes 8 grounded outlets: Grounded 3 prong receptacle for safety.
    • 4 timer controlled outlets.
    • 4 continuous power outlets.
  • Easy-To-Program analog design.

The Zoo Med Repticare Terrarium Controller is a programmable timer & power strip all in one! Perfect for controlling 24 hour day/night cycles when using multiple heat lamps or UVB bulbs. Perfect for any reptile breeder to save on outlet space.

The terrarium controller is UL listed, so you can trust in its safety. This controller has 8 outlets total. 4 of outlets are programmable for your day and night cycle. 4 of the outlets are continuous power for any of your other electronics. 

You can find Zoo Med Terrarium Controller instructions here. This outlet controller is easy to program with its analog tab design. It also has a "lamp on" feature when you need to turn on all of your outlets no matter the time.