Zoo Med ReptiSand Midnight Black 10 lb

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Zoo Med Repti Sand Midnight Black 10 lb

  • No added dyes or chemicals
  • Encourages healthy digging behaviors
  • Natural heat conductor
  • Low on dust

Zoo Med Repti Sand in Midnight Black is your option for unique and outstanding cage design! Small particles make it easy to sift through and cut down on dust while providing a soft, dune-like texture for your pet to roam over. Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior reducing overall stress. 

Zoo Med Repti Sand is a natural heat conductor. This sand is low on dust, so you do not have to worry about respiratory issues with your pet. It can be used as an egg laying medium for your dessert reptiles. 

Beautiful “Midnight Black” sand for all species of desert reptiles. Black sand highlights the colors of all albino and pastel color morphs of lizards and snakes. Create desert mounds or lay your sand flat to give a faraway exotic look to your terrarium! Natural color! No added dyes or chemicals.