Zoo Med Nightlight Red Bulb

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Zoo Med Nightlight Red bulbs are the perfect night time heating solution for many reptile terrariums. These infrared heat lamps are made with true red glass that is not coated or painted that helps prolong the life of these bulbs while maintaining consistent light and heat output. Infrared bulbs help increase ambient temperatures and won't create a hot spot. These lamps are great for night time viewing of your pet without disturbing a day/night cycle. Nightlight Red bulbs can be used for 24 hour, or night time heating. Available in 25,40, 60 and 100 watt options to fit the needs of many reptile species. Fits Zoo Med Deep Dome and other ceramic socket heat lamp fixtures.

  • Emits infrared heat 
  • 24 hour or night time use
  • Will not disturb day/night cycle