SMALL Zoo Med Natural Hanging Plant

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Small Zoo Med Natural Bush

  • 14" length
  • Hygienic and easy to wash
  • Several varieties to choose from
  • Bright and colorful

These smaller sized artificial plant vines will provide excellent cover and hiding places for your reptile. Available in an assortment of styles for you to choose from. The plants are modeled after various real jungle plants and are made from bright, non-toxic, washable plastic. They are super easy to clean and work great for just about any terrarium. Mix and match to create a totally unique and stunning display in your reptile's enclosure.

These plants are 14" in length, a great size to accent smaller setups. Or you can add exotic accents to larger terrariums. Below you can find out which plants are available. Selecting the product option replaces the image with the selected plant, so you can get a visual as well. 

Available Styles of Plants:

  • Amazonian Phyllo
  • Bolivian Croton 
  • Cannabis
  • Congo Ivy 
  • Madagascar Bamboo
  • Mexican Phyllo 

Do you need suction cups? Is your plant not hanging the way you want it to? We offer extra suction cups here, perfect for holding vines for heavier reptiles. It's better to have more suction cups than not enough.