Zoo Med HygroTherm Humidity & Temp Controller

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Zoo Med HygroTherm Humidity & Temp Controller

  • Thermostat and Humidistat 
  • Controls up to 1000 watts from humidity and temperature devices
  • Includes a temperature/humidity sensor featuring a 5 ft cable
  • Works by turning on and off heating/cooling devices in HEAT or COOL mode
  • Contains a built-in memory that saves settings in case of power disruption
  • Has alarm activation feature that alerts you to extreme changes
  • Continues to monitor into the nighttime
  • Controls temperature range from 50°F to 122°F (10°C to 50°C)
  • Humidity control range: 15% to 95% RH (Relative Humidity)

Monitoring all of your herp's humidities and temperatures can be a project, but we've got you covered. With Zoo Med's HygroTherm you'll have the ability to set, monitor, and be alerted to the status of both the temperature and humidity in your herp's terrarium. Hook up to 1000 combined watts from your humidity and temperature devices to the HygroTherm to be the orchestrator of your very own environment! Even while you sleep the HyroTherm will keep your conditions stable with a nighttime temperature drop feature. If that's not enough to keep your mind at rest, the HygroTherm also has an alarm that can be activated to alert you to drastic temperature or humidity changes! Also includes a memory feature that saves your settings. An effective solution to a delicate herp!