Zoo Med HydroBalls

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Zoo Med HydroBalls

  • Creates a water absorbing drainage layer
  • Promotes healthy growth of live terrarium plants
  • Helps to hold in humidity and diversify environment
  • Longlasting and easy maintenance!

HydroBalls are a lightweight expanded clay terrarium substrate. HydroBalls can be used as a base layer underneath Pangea ABG Substrate or other substrates to create an underground water table in naturalistic or bioactive terrariums. These absorbent little HydroBalls are very versatile. 

HydroBalls can be used with live plants to create a natural terrarium. The plants roots can settle and grow between the hydro balls. Provides an excellent drainage layer for maintaining a healthy environment and promote vigorous plant growth.

You can also add water to create a natural "aquifer" and increase humidity levels for all tropical species. Add a water pump to HydroBalls to create a waterfall and generate water flow through HydroBalls for optimum filtration.

Weight: 2.5 lbs